About Us

Capwell + Co. was launched in 2012 with a clear mission of creating our very own fashion-forward jewelry line based on decades of experience designing, crafting, and manufacturing jewelry for other brands. We did what we do best, and we're proud of what we created. But now what?

Everyone's priorities shifted in 2020, including ours. We reassessed, focused on our inherent mission of designing stylish  accessories with exceptional craftspeople, and decided to expand in a way that was reflective of what we're all going through, while still being true to our brand. 

With the future in mind, we're introducing a collection of wellness accessories infused with style. 

Our new innovative offerings are designed to make staying safe a little more stylish and a lot more comfortable. Because we believe that fashionable accessory solutions are important for the whole family, we launched our Kids collection, and will design our first collection geared toward Men later this year. We're all in this together.